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Post by Popescu C » 22 Jun 2010, 12:03

:uraaa De astazi a fost implementata posibilitatea utilizarii Chat-ului pentru discutii libere intre membrii Campervan Club. :veryhappy
Chatul nu este vizibil decat utilizatorilor ce se logheaza pe forum.
In discutiile purtate pe Chat se vor respecta aceleasi reguli si conditii ce exista pe forum.
Este bine ca discutiile tehnice sa fie eventual postate si pe forum intr-unul din topicurile adecvate pentru ca si alti utilizatori sa poata afla informatiile ce altfel se vor pierde.

Mesajele scrise pe chat nu pot fi editate si vor fi sterse automat de sistem la 24 ore de la postarea lor pe chat sau doar ultimele 75 mesaje vor putea fi vazute, celelalte mai vechi fiind sterse.
Pot fi folosite BBcoduri la fel ca si in mesaje si de asemenea formatarea textului (bold, italic, subliniere, etc.).
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Popescu C
Posts: 630
Joined: 29 Dec 2007, 23:08
Van / Campervan sau RV: Mazda E2000 Campervan
Residence City: Bucuresti Tei
Country: Romania

Re: Chat

Post by Popescu C » 26 Jun 2010, 01:34

Prescurtari folosite de anumiti useri pe chat sau messenger.
Chiar daca eu unul nu agreez aceste prescurtari, este bine sa le cunoastem deoarece unii dintre noi le vor folosi in conversatiile de pe chat.
Cine stie si alte prescurtari sa le faca cunoscute si celorlalti pentru a nu se creea confuzie in textele de pe chat sau pentru o mai buna intelegere a mesajelor.

Va rog sa nu folositi prescurtari si in topicuri.

Prescurtari cu numere:

121 – One-to-one
143 – I love you
2G2BT – Too good to be true
2MI – Too much information
2NTE – Tonight
4 – for
9 – Parent is watching

Prescurtari text

NB – noapte buna
BN – bine
CF – ce faci?
MS - Mersi
NP - Nici o problema

A3 – Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
AA – As above
AAP – Always a pleasure
ACK – Acknowledge
ACPT – Accept
AND – any day now
AFK – Away from keyboard
AH – At home
ASAP – As Soon As Possible
ASL – Age/Sex/Location
AT – At your terminal
B – Back
B2W – Back to work
B4 – before
BBL – be back later
BF – boyfriend or best friend
BFN – bye for now
BTW – by the way
BDAY – Birthday
BOL – Best of luck
BRB – Be right back (sunt plecat, revin imediat)
CAM – Camera
CM – Call me
CSL – Can’t stop laughing
CU – See you
DH – Dear
D/L – Download
DM – Direct message
DUR – Do you remember?
E1 – Everyone
EMA – E-mail address
EZ – Easy
F2F – Face to face
FW – Forward
G – Grin, Giggle
GN – Good night
HF – Have fun
HRU – How are you?
I2 – I too (me too)
IB – I’m back
IC – I see
IK – I know
ILY – I love you
IM – Instant message
IMS – I am sorry
JW – Just wondering
JK – Just Kidding
KB – Keyboard
L2G – Like to go?
LOL – Laughing out loud
LOTI – Laughing on the inside
LVM – Left voice mail
N1 – Nice one
NE1 – Anyone
NT – Nice try
NVM – Never mind
NVR – Never
OOH – Out of here
PCM – Please call me
PIC – Picture
PLS or PLZ – Please
PM – Private Message
POS – Parent over shoulder
PZA – Pizza
RU – Are you?
RX – Regards
S2S – Sorry to say
SC – Stay cool
SH^ – Shut up
SIT – Stay in touch
SOS – Meaning help
SS – So sorry
STW – Search the Web
SUP – What’s up?
SYS – See you soon
THX – Thanks
TY – Thank you
U – You
UL – Upload
UNA – Use no acronyms
UR – Your / you’re
VIP – Very important person
VRY – Very
W@ – What?
W3 – WWW
WAS – Wait a second
W/B – Write back
WB – Welcome back
WC – Welcome, Who cares
WKD – Weekend
WU – What’s up?
WUF – Where are you from?
XD – really hard laugh
XLNT – Excellent
Y? – Why?
YR – Yeah right
YW – You’re welcome
Z – Zero
ZUP – What’s up?

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